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Player: Thalia
Canon: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Canon Point: Post Light Side ending
Alignment: Peromei
Date of Entry: 11/06/2016

Age: 17.  Probably
Birthday: He has no clue
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6'1"
Amulet: Link or brief description
Appearance: his current outfit
Profile: Link 
Contact:  [ profile] candlecane 
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So Galen has a lot of fancy Jedi powers, including telekinisis, lightning generation, and The Mind Trick (which at this point in time he's not entirely spectacular with)  which you can read all aboutin greater detail here.  If you'd prefer not to have to deal with any of this space wizardy just let me know here or via PM.
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Player: Thalia
Contact:[ profile] candlecane
Age: over 18
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Galen Marek
Age: 17
Canon: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Canon Point: Post light side ending of the first game

wiki link!


When first meeting Galen, most people find him to be cold and standoffish.  However he grew up leading a lonely and solitary lifestyle, the only living beings he ever had any interaction with aside from his master, Darth Vader, being his pilots (whom were frequently either killed during missions, or by Vader if he felt they were becoming too familiar with his apprentice) and his droid, Proxy (who was programmed to try and kill him at random intervals).  So the perceived chill is just more him having next to zero experience with social situations and not really knowing how to deal with normal people.  He's civil and polite enough to strangers but until he can warm up to someone there's a distinct lack of overt friendliness.  If anything social interactions are awkward for him.  Give him an army of soldiers to fight, rancors, enemy Force users, he'll face them all with confidence.  Present him with a social interaction and he struggles.

His training didn't include learning social niceties.  His training had the sole purpose of turning him into a weapon, and Vader was a harsh master whose methods regularly subjected the young man to both mental and physical tortures.   For instance when Galen was very young he was forced to learn the mind trick when Vader injected him with paralytic drugs and dropped him off in the middle of the wilderness. He had to learn the trick or he'd be eaten by wild beasts.  For the longest time Galen thought this was normal.  That whatever didn't kill him only made him stronger.  A part of him hated Vader though, and he lived in fear of what other training methods his master would come up with for him, a small part of him even longed for death.  Despite this though he also admired Vader's strength and connection to the dark side.  And, as the only parental figure he knew, he did at times feel a twisted sort of love for him.  Though he has never called him 'father' and is adamant that he's never wanted to.

Basically being raised by Vader turns you into an emotional mess of mostly hate and anger and fear.  And no one was surprised.

Despite this he was more then happy to carry out his master's will and kill his enemies as instructed.  He operated under the callsign 'Starkiller' and at the time it was the only name he knew.  He was raised to be extremely loyal.  After all anything other then complete loyalty would be met by more extreme punishments, the threat of death was also very real.  However, he lived hoping that he'd be given praise and acknowledgment that he'd done well.  Words of encouragement were so few they might as well have been nonexistent.

His sense of loyalty is one of his greatest traits to be honest.  It's what eventually turns him to towards the light side of the Force.  Vader betrayed him too many times, literally backstabbed him once too.  With his lightsaber.  It took him months to recover from that.  Which is why his loyalties shifted to the people he met while masquerading as a Jedi.  People who cared for him and treated him like he was more then a tool.  He admired the old Jedi Rahm Kota, and even began to look up to the unconventional old man.  After a while he even began to consider him something like a mentor.  Gruff but affectionate advice and encouragement was so different from the teaching methods he was used, he wondered how he'd ever thought otherwise was normal.  Of course he's awkward himself so he never referred to the man by any title other then 'General'.  Then there's Juno Eclipse.  The girl he fell in love with before he even knew what love was.  One of his pilots she was friendly with him, showed compassion. warmed his heart really.  Maybe it was because he just didn't KNOW many people, but she was probably the very first person he truly cared about.  He was someone starved of affection without knowing he was, and the fact that she gave it to him... he was like a kicked puppy who found someone willing to pat him.  

These were all crucial in him finally shedding his callsign 'Starkiller' and embracing his long forgotten birthname of Galen Marek towards the end of the game.

It's important to note that Galen isn't always cold and standoffish.  Because of his upbringing he takes a while to trust people and warm up to them.  Once he's a little more comfortable with someone he's more given to banter, and the occasional bout of snark, mostly evidenced with his new mentor, General Kota.  With his droid, Proxy, he's downright playful, he even smiles and jokes.  Though the droid has the benefit of having been his only real companion since his training started when he was barely out of his toddler years.

Speaking of his droid... We come to the part where we discover that Galen is secretly a huge nerd.  Proxy is a holodriod, equipped with projectors to make him look like a vast array of historic Jedi and Sith, along with an assortment of different styled lightsabers, and a complex system of repulsors and tractor beams to mimic basic Force powers.  The idea was so Galen could practice dueling.  And that's what he mostly did too.  However he used it for another purpose that no one must ever know.  From a brief discussion that he had with Proxy (while Proxy was running his Obi Wan Kenobi module) it seemed like he came up with background stories to his practice duels, maybe to make it more real, more likely for fun though as his options for entertainment were otherwise nonexistent.  So yes.  He essentially did elaborate self insert RPing.

Just gonna link it

Alignment:  Peromei - Odd for a former Sith assassin but Galen actually holds a lot of hope.  He has a lot of dreams and wishes for a future now where he can help people instead of kill them.  He acknowledges how terrible he was in the past, and believes that not only can he better himself, but that he can keep his newfound loved ones safe.  He doesn't want to fall to the Dark side again and will do anything to prevent himself from sinking there again.  It's his hope for a better future for not only himself but those close to him the drives him.



Sample:  right here!

Questions: none!


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